Friday, June 6, 2008

My color Palatte

Once again I am deeply sorry for being MIA. BUT!!!! GOOD NEWS! I passed my test. I am finally a certified teacher in Texas, yippee!! That test had me seriously stressed out. My cousin Jessica told me about a movie called “The Secret,” regarding motivation and thinking positive. I told myself everyday, “I passed the test, I passed the test” and it worked. Finding a teaching job here in LA county, California will be yet another challenge for me. As I was driving to work this morning I noticed that teachers were on strike outside their schools. I managed to capture some of it on video which was hard since I was behind a person on a bicycle. The strike consisted of the education funding cuts proposed by the governor. Budget cuts can certainly mean freezes in teacher hiring as well. Although this scares me, I will not let it stop or intimidate me from finding a job; damn it!

So now on to wedding planning, I finally got together a color palette. I knew that I wanted to have a black and white theme with a splash of color. I googled black and white wedding theme and it took me to Jennifer Skog’s bridal shower pictures. This is where it all began. Our theme will be based on Damask pattern (I love it). Colors will be black and white with lime green (to bad it ain’t pink, thanks Lester!!)

If anyone finds anything cute with damask pattern that can be incorporated into the wedding let me know, thanks :)


ami @ elizabeth anne designs said...

here are some posts on black white and green for you!

Suzy said...

I love the colors!! Oh my goodness they are so pretty!! Congrats on passing your test!! I'm very happy for you!!

Anonymous said...

These are the colors of my wedding as well! It's great. Here's my bio on TK: