Thursday, May 1, 2008

"Forget Love-I'd rather fall in Paper"

Oh paper, how I love thee! You can absolutely do about anything with paper. As I mentioned before, I love DIY projects and the wedding planning process will feed me my hunger and cravings for DIY projects :)

My DIY list will consist of:
  • invitations
  • save-the-date cards
  • thank-you cards

  • will you be my BM cards.

So far that's it... OK, let me break it down for ya'll....

For my invitations I plan to use a gocco machine to print them. Once all the ink is printed on those babies, I will stack the invite card, reception/dance card, etc together with a ribbon or pretty vellum paper. I was originally going to make my own pocket fold invites, but I'd be killing myself if I did do it, so X that out.

Photo from Flikr member: Heatherjeany

Photo from a Flikr member: Ignafruit

An example of gocco print (above photo). I plan to stack them together and wrap it with pattern paper/ribbon so it looks like this (bottom photo).

Photo from Flikr member: Ignafruit
Pocket-fold invites that will murder me if I dare DIY (bottom photo)

Photo from

I have so many ideas for the save-the-date cards. Here a couple of cards that I might make...

Photo from Flikr member: Amberinnorfolk

The couple had their photos taken by a professional (above photo). I believe in saving money as much as possible. I found a Flikr member Creaticraft who took the photos using a regular camera and edit them in black and white (bottom photos)... SIMPLE!! (or at least i hope it well be)

This is how it looks edited. You can click on the picture to view it larger. I LOVE IT!!! (bottom photo). I plan to take pictures very similar to the ones I have showed you. Once our pictures are edited like the picture below, I will paste them on to beautiful printed cardstock paper.

Thank you Cards
I am at aw when I see photographs of couples holding signs. I will make Thank You signs to have our pictures taken on the day of the wedding by our photographer. Sort of like the photos below. I plan to make them into post-cards :)
Bridesmaid cards
It's a surprise :) I'll post pics AFTER I send them out to my bridesmaid, which will be sometime in August 2008.......

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