Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I worked on a Birthday card for my beautiful Cousin's 25th B-day. I completely forgot to take pictures with the camera, so here is one done by my camera-phone. Stay tuned for my Mother's Day DIY cards.

Updated Life News:

  • I, myself, recently turned 25. My handsome fiance bought me beautiful roses and a strawberry cheescake. He works grave yard shifts sooo that morning on my birthday, he had no keys to get in the house. He tapped our bedroom window and scarred the crap out of me. I was asleep drooling on the pillow when he woke me up with that loud bang. I got up and opened the door. Trying to open my eyes, I saw him with a smile carrying the roses. AWWWW He is so sweet, I love him!

So puurrrtty!

  • My sister got engaged this past weekend!!! It was about time for those two to get engaged :)

  • I finally got my Diploma today, after work Ima go to "tarjay" aka target to buy a frame for it yay!!!!

Thats about it my peeps!! Holla Back! ( seriously i dunno why im talking like that)

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Anonymous said...

awww I LOVE THE CARD!!!!! Love YOU!!!