Thursday, March 13, 2008

10 Things I Love about Lester...

What I do best is steal topic ideas from bloggers at Miss Bubblygum, who stole the idea from some else, posted 10 things she loves about her FI. Guess what I’m gonna write about the same thing!!!!

10. He is one of the smartest people I have ever known. He is book-smart, but lacking it in street-smart category. When I don’t know a vocabulary word, which is most of the time, I ask him what it means and 98% of the time he has a meaning and an example for it. He is ALWAYS correcting my grammer. Even though he ditched his classes during high school he always managed to get A’s. He was also known as a GT (gifted and talented) student during his elementary years. He is so smart that he ALWAYS study’s an hour before a college exam and passes it!!! He knows everything! He knows about the Roman Gods and Goddesses and what they do. He is very knowledgeable about anything dealing with history. I could go on…

9. He is my cheerleader/supporter/best friend. He has always supported me in everything and anything I do. I tell him everything, even if it’s TMI. Seriously, I do.

8. He always knows when something is wrong with me. It never fails. He knows when I have been crying. He knows when something is bugging me. I just love the way he looks at me, hugs me and asks “Babe, what’s wroooong?”

7. He tucks me into bed. Lester works graveyard shifts. On his days off he is widely awake by the time I’m getting sleepy. When I’m ready to go to bed, he goes to the side of the bed and tucks me into a burrito blanket. He brushes my hair out of my face, gives me a kiss goodnight and says, “I love you.” He's such a sweet heart!

6. He makes me laugh. He does it all the time. He busts out with moves out of the blue, to make me laugh. He acts super silly when I’m feeling down, just to make me laugh. He tries to make me laugh when I’m mad at him and it works, darn it!

5. He does things for me I don’t want to do. If I’m too lazy to get things, he’ll get it for me even if I’m closer to it. He’ll go buy me ice cream bars when I’m craving it at the middle of the night. He brings me lunch to my work. I sound like a spoiled brat. Hey what can I say I'm his princess. hehehehe.

4. He is my own personal doctor. I’m usually the one that gets sick very often. He’ll insist that I stay in bed and rest. He has been sick these past couple of days. Just to prove how sweet my honey is, yesterday before walking into our room he sprayed Lysol all over the room, on the bed, on the pillows and he even wiped down the doorknobs with disinfected wipes. He forced me to take my vitamins. All this just so I wouldn’t catch what he had.

3. He gets along with my family. Just the other day we were having dinner at a restaurant. While I was looking at the menu deciding what to order, he was on the phone talking to someone I had no idea who it was. I was ease dropping on his conversation and figured it was one of his friends. Turns out it wasn’t, it was my cousin. I also remember Lester mentioning that my cousins called him one night. They had been out partying and called Lester. Did they call me, no! I am so grateful that my family loves him and vise versa.

2. He’s an animal person. I was so happy when I found out the he had a cat when were dating. I love cats!!! We recently got a new puppy and I love her too!! Lester never shows his emotions towards other people or in front of people to me. If you were to ask any of his friends they would say the same about him. I just love it when he holds our pets as if they were babies. When they are asleep on his side of the bed, he’ll squish himself in trying not to wake them up. He’ll even cover them up with a blanket. When I see these little things he does for them, I can imagine how he would be with our own kids. I know for a FACT that he will be a very loving father. I just can’t wait for us to make babies.

1. Finally, he is just straight out HOTT!!!!!!!!