Wednesday, March 12, 2008

An Embarrassing Moment

My mother had a great idea for me to go try on wedding dresses. Even though our wedding is two years from now, she wanted me to get the “feel” and the “idea” of what kind of wedding dress style fits the best. I was super excited because it was the first time I had tried on wedding dresses. Ever since, I got these really nasty keloids on my chest, I’ve wanted a dress that would hide them. It was really hard to find a wedding dress that did, so I just decided the heck with it and try tube top wedding dresses. I had one keloid removed about 3 years ago and that piece of shit grew back. I hate them; they itch, they feel like someone is picking at them with needles, they are just plain ugly! I will not let it ruin the way I look. I have two options cover them up with make-up and a layered necklace or have them removed 4 weeks before the wedding.

Here’s a picture of a dress I love (note the necklace, it is layered and will hide my keloid, I really like it)

One of my favorite dresses, I am a sucker for details and this dress has at all! I found this dress at

So on to my journey of trying dresses on.... We went to a total of 3 stores in one WHOLE day. I fell in love with two dresses similar to the above dress. I felt so beautiful in them and I was determined to lose those 40lbs that creeped up on me since I met Lester. Our final stop was at David's bridal. Just a heads up, the front wall of the store is made out of glass. So u can imagine clumsy me walked right into the glass!!!! OMG I thought it was the entry way. A couple was heading towards the entrance and they were shocked! lol They began to laugh right after they saw I was ok. My mother was practically rolling on the floor laughing. I was humiliated!

I wonder if the store did it on purpose like this store did!!!!

Has anyone had an embarrassing moment during their wedding planning process?

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