Thursday, March 6, 2008

MIA, Who? Me?

My apologies for being MIA, honestly, I have no excuse! As I mentioned on my first blog I find it hard for me to get into the mood of writing. I am such a great thinker and meta-cognitiver (├čis that even a word?), but not good in expressing it on pen and paper. Good news, I finally paid my dues owed to the University I attended. It’s been 10 months since I graduated and I am yet to see my Diploma :( but no more worries, except for one ::cough::cough:: my test. So, yes, after paying my dues I am so thrilled to get my Diploma. It’s about freakn’ time!!

Let’s talk “luna de miel”… I’ve decided that I will plan our wedding and FI will plan the honeymoon. He doesn’t know yet, but hey it’s only fair, right? He has a good sense of picking nice vacation spots and I trust that he will pick something relaxing and romantic. I’ll keep my blog updated with destinations he has in mind, or better yet I’ll have him post it : ) So onto my part of the job, all I can really do is just sit in front of the computer and look at wonderful inspirational wedding photographs. Our wedding is in 2010, so by October 2008 I will start my job as a wedding planner. I like to consider myself as an organized person with mild OCD. I can be overly organized with things I enjoy and well not so organized with things I hate! Eventually my OCD will start to kick in and the things I hate will become up to par. I was having a complex time deciding whether too organize our wedding roughly through the computer or to use a wedding planner book from B&N. Needless to say, I will be using both organizational methods. I have started a wedding inspirational folder with wonderful ideas… just a little something to keep me busy until October when I go vendor hunting.

A look at my folder inside with post-it notes and wedding dresses.

Color palette from David's Bridal Catalog

Here's a flyer of the venue I would like our wedding to be at and of course some post it notes with questions to ask the venue.

Here's a spread sheet of a budget organizer I might become obsess with. From indiebride, you can download it here,

This is the inspirational board that I had created with the colors I FIRST wanted to use.

Next blog will be about my current color choice for the wedding. I'm just wondering how many times I will be changing my mind. Quick question, any one changed their mind many times about what colors to use?

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jessica said...

this is too funny. i have a book that looks SO similar, and we have a crazy excel sheet too. i made one and then jon laughed outloud at it, spent two hours reworking it and now its like someone "pimped my spreadsheet"