Monday, March 10, 2008

Income Tax $$ Baby!!!

Yes, it’s here!!! Whoot Whoot!! The time for some people to get money back, especially this year a whoopy $600 more!! I will be wise on how I spend my money and I promise not to have any temptations, hahahaha ::evil laugh:: I will definitely buy one of these…..

Gocco Machine- a color printing system.

I first discovered this machine on I plan to make my own wedding invitations and I heart the way gocco brings out the beauty in them.

The Gocco Machine

Gocco printing finished product

The Gocco Machine working its magic WHAAA PAAAM!!!

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I want me some Gocco, I do I do I do eoooo!

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Elizabeth @ Elizabeth Anne Designs said...

i heart my gocco - it's such a great little contraption!