Wednesday, February 13, 2008

I am so not ghetto...

Or am I….. As soon as I got out of the shower, Lester mentioned for us to go grab a movie and make it a blockbuster night. I agreed to his idea. I brushed out my wet, tangled hair, slipped on my slippers and as I was putting my jacket on he decided to crack jokes on my eyebrows!!!

Lester: “Hey how about you go put on your eyebrows, here want some of mine”
Me: “ OMG, you’re such a jerk!”

and just because, JUST BECAUSE, I crack jokes about myself too I started laughing, and if it was not the case I’d smack him on the ass and get joy out of it, hehe
I have eyebrows, I promise I do, you just can’t see them! They are so blonde, that they blend in with my skin color and you can’t even see those darn eyebrows. I have always been teased about it. My mother insists that I pluck them out to be so thin. My daily routine, of course, is to put on the eyebrows. Every friggin morning, I take out my brow brush, brush my no-eyebrows out, then I take out my Brow Powder Duo from Anastasia and wha-la, I have eyebrows.

Oh but the agony to have to do them EVERYDAY!!! So…. I’ve been considering tattooing my eyebrows!!! I have always thought that it looked extremely ghetto to have them tattooed. Ghetto like this....

I found this picture on

And for funs like this..... (much love to my mexicans, my ethnicity !!)

Yesterday, I recieved a monthly coupon book from the area I work at. I stumble across an ad about permanent make-up and I was so amazed at how real it looked. Finally, a cure for my eyebrows!!! As soon as I am done posting my blog, I will be calling for a consultation. I'm super scared, I don't want to look ghetto! Here are some pictures of permanent eyebrows tattoed by Carol Packman, they look natural, if I do say so myself.



What do you think? Does it look natural? Should I or Nah??


jbray :) said...

i gotta put my 2 cents in! i've always thought ur eyebrows (or lack there-of) were fine! if it's not too late, please do not tattoo ur face!! lol :)

priscillap said...

I'm too scared to even go :( I'm still undecided if I should do it or not.