Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To-do List

I have a full-time job in which I sit on my bottom, in front of a computer, ALL DAY LOOOOONNG!! (just might be the reason why I've gained weight... nah u think?) To cure my boredom I have made a to-do list to work on during my working hours:
  • Blog on my blogger (go me, go me yay!)
  • Look for inspirational photos for my wedding (I am finally engaged to the man of my dreams)
  • Send out my Weddingbee DIY Valentine Card Swap (I will post pictures soon)
  • Finish reading "Desperate Measures" by Kate Wilhelm (my boss thought I had to much time on my hands so she gave me this book)
  • Buy a study book for my teaching certification and STUDY (embarrassed to say but I have failed this test TWICE, yes twice!)
  • Finish my "Will you be bridesmaid cards" ( I will post pictures of my finished product soon)
  • Make a list of "what to eat for the week" (I want to lose 40lbs before my wedding)

I'm sure I have more to post, but my brain seems to wind down towards the end of my work day ugh!!!

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