Thursday, July 10, 2008

We said "I do"

We’re MARRIED!!! I know, crazy huh? We wanted to do something spontaneous. We’re so much in love that we couldn’t wait two years to get married. We had our civil ceremony this morning. It was such a wonderful experience. Lester had the giggles and I had the tears. When I saw Lester’s eyes filled with tears, I cried even more. We still plan to have a wedding and get married through church to celebrate with our family and friends. So may I introduce you the new Mr. and Mrs. Concepcion….
Us laughing!!

Me crying!


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Anonymous said...

omg! dat was so sweet.., cant wait till i get married... i wish u and hottie lester all the happiness in the whole world... u guys r perfect 4 each other... love u and u have my blessings...muah!

--robert (ymca)