Monday, July 21, 2008

Thank you

I wanted to write this post to say thank you again for all the warm wishes and congratulations to Lester and I. This is just the beginning of our lives. We are very pleased to be blessed with family and friends that have given us much love and support in the decision we have made. It does not end they say... it’s not official/real until you get married at church. That’s the route we plan to take. Although my last name has changed and legally we are married... the uniting of our souls, making it right before God is what is most important. We are still having a wedding! Thanks again for everything! Love you guys!

Beautiful flowers that were sent from my bestest neighbor ever, Tym!!! Thanks We love them! And the babie aint due intil a couple more years from now lol FYI the card that came with the flowers said “Congratulations, when is the baby due?” (inside joke) Don't want people getting the wrong idea :)

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Guilty Secret said...

Congratulations, Mrs Concepcion!